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Parking on campus or in Halls without a valid permit will incur a parking charge notice of £75.The iPermit allows for more flexibility with student parking.If you require parking for a short period, for instance, if your course only requires attendance on site for 1 week, the iPermit may be a viable alternative to a single term permit.Valid from anywhere between 1 week and up to 10 weeks in the Autumn and Spring term.Valid from anywhere between 1 week and up to 7 weeks in the Summer term.Please apply using the form below. If your application is successful you will be expected to have paid for, collected, and be displaying your permit within 10 working days of the permit being approved, or until the amnesty period expires, whichever is sooner. Also, you can’t use your permit for street parking. All vehicles used for attending University must be registered. It is also desirable to reduce the overall number of cars travelling to the city centre as far as possible.Additional car parking spaces are being made available on a temporary basis only. Parking in this area without the required residents permit is likely to incur a fixed penalty notice. To cancel a current peak permit or a TPTP permit please email If you need further information or assistance with viewing or downloading your application, please contact the systems team on There is a £5 permit replacement fee for lost permits.If you have access to the original permit email, you can access another copy of your permit, and no charge will apply.If you are responsible for handling parking permit applications for staff in your department you need to make sure that the Nominated Car Parking Permit Administrator for your department in the If you want to discuss the number of TPTP your department has been allocated please contact If you don’t have an account, please request access here.All users of the University's car parks must agree to abide by the How to do this is explained further here At this point, departments will revert to their previous peak permit allocation. Information for permit administrators – managing applications If you want to park at one of the hospital sites, you will need to email The ONLY peak parking permit recognised as valid by Security Services for enforcement purposes from 14 August is the new TPTP permit. It’s important to understand that a Temporary Permission To Park (TPTP) permit is temporary and may be withdrawn at short notice following changes to Government travel advice.A TPTP permit gives you the right to ‘hunt’ for space,it does not give you the right to use a particular space and does not guarantee that a space is available. TPTP permit holders will be automatically added to the TPTP mailing list, where they will receive updates and given sufficient notice to reapply for a peak permit when required. You can track the progress of your application on Planon. To apply for a TPTP parking permit, you will need an account on the University’s Planon system. Visitors with a visitor parking permit Visitors who have been issued with a visitor parking permit by their host faculty or department should park in the University's main car park. Send any enquiries you have about sports permits to, or any enquiries about society permits to An appeal must be made within 5 working days from receiving notification of refusal. If you already use FM Helpdesk or FacilityNet to order services like catering or room booking, you can use your existing login. Failure to make payment will result in the permit being cancelled. The iPermit allows for more flexibility with student parking. Priority should be given to colleagues with disabilities or caring responsibilities, who may be reliant on access to more central spaces.

You only have the right of appeal if you have submitted an application by the deadline noted above.The Parking Appeal Panel (at least three out of five members will determine an appeal and the appeal panel should always include a student representative) will consist of:Please note: If you need to upload multiple documents please add them to a zip file and then upload the zip file. Entrance Gatehouses and Security receptions will provide information and issue pre-arranged visitor vouchers on arrival. We will only process refunds on the return of your permit.

Currently, the only permit being issued is the TPTP parking permit, this is a temporary permit and will be phased out leading up to the end of the year. If you are starting a course part way through the academic year (October-September) you can apply for a parking permit within ten working days of you starting your course.For more information on the qualifying criteria please see the During the Sept/Oct permit run, there will be an amnesty on parking from August.

Otherwise, your application may be delayed. For queries relating to this form please telephone: +44 (0)118 378 7307.

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