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Dialogue doesn’t give him anything more interesting to say than vaguely threatening taunts like, “piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy!”  But his unblinkingly wide eyes and psychotic smirk are such tired tics for this kind of character.

I'm really sorry about Jackals but man what a letdown it turned out to be. Also, during this time another train comes from behind him and he has to get between them and hold onto the light for a few seconds while they pass. It's not your basic home invasion story but more along the lines of a cult film at times. For me, the ending is one of the best horror movie endings, I’ve seen in a long time. well...I'll stop here, I don't have words polite enough. And while you’ll probably feel for the lead character, you can’t help but also agree with Julia. Plot Declan Mulqueen former girlfriend saves his life by killing the Jackal (Bruce Willis). Jackals is a movie that you sit down and watch with nothing but the expectation of being entertained. And the crazed look in Justin’s eyes as he screams and writhes against the ropes that bind him to a chair suggests he is indeed possessed.Trouble is, Justin doesn’t want to be deprogrammed. 2 out of 2 found this helpful. The ending of Jackals is so obvious that you will see the entire thing coming hours before it arrives, and it will be just as bitter and stupid as it was when you imagined it. You can find Christy's writing at ChristyLemire.com. Besides, Justin is so unrepentant and cruel that it’s a wonder the family doesn’t just give him back. It's difficult to make movies this terrible. Andrew takes Justin outside to distract the cult while Campbell runs out the back door to go for help. Deborah Kara Unger is beautiful and talented and made quite the impact in both The Game and Crash. But the first one was way longer and way wrong.Terek Murad: Here's what I can do! Was this review helpful? 22 out of 37 found this helpful. Subway lines are about the same length as each other as well.

Samantha makes it to a road where she waves at approaching headlights. Samantha helps them get back inside the cabin. It looked fun so I requested a copy. Since Jackals was set in the 80's and had a great plotline, I wish they would have done a better job of filling in some of those blanks. Was this review helpful? 2 out of 3 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? This is one where you wonder how on earth this was made and does someone have pictures of Steven Dorff doing something very embarrassing? Another cultist attacks Andrew inside the cabin. Was this review helpful? It is simple: "Do not watch". Maybe you’ll enjoy the savagery. Saw this recently on a blu-ray. Coming back to this film, the director managed to start the film well with the initial home invasion murders a la Halloween style n then cut back to the van kidnapping scene n the cabin in the middle of nowhere. Not much is explained and not sure how to compare it as it's a pretty by the numbers film but it's acting raises it above most horror imo. Of course Kevin Greutert's name was the other good factor. Enough said. Campbell makes it to a truck, but cannot find the keys. Really? Jimmy is suddenly lassoed from a tree limb above him. Justin comes outside and kneels in front of the masked cult leader. Not just any hippy, love is the answer, group of petal pushers. I kinda just had to watch it because I was bored and I had no other movie available to watch. Samantha ultimately cuts Justin loose. I was hoping for something more like You're Next or The Void, but far from it. They’re serious about this whole role-playing thing.But that’s about all that defines the cult members in this “Straw Dogs”-style showdown. Then war it is.The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at To know when people like your submissions, answer your questions, reply to you, etc., please Just before Declan and the Jackal start shooting at each other in the subway tunnel, one of the trains starts coming from the opposite direction and begins passing Declan. Subway trains are not nearly long enough for that. I on the other was convinced that rescue was imminent however the cavalry never came.

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