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There are resources available to take care of them. both of them never go up their even in the rain.

But if you want them to run around, then carefully dry them with a towel or hairdrier.It's fine to let rabbits out in the rain (they don't melt or anything I don't think they're stupid enough to get wet if they feel cold anyway. My rabbit Leon loves sitting in the rain! They don't seem to mind at all!

My rabbits have access to outside space in all weather (rain, snow, wind). I, personally, don't think rabbits are as domesticated as say cats and dogs, and I know it's natural behaviour for them to be out at night whatever the weather, but for goodness sakes!Should I just leave the cover off? I only worry if it is COLD and raining or if it is really heavy rain and then I encourage them inside! i will try that prior to putting them outside so that i can keep them inside and warm to dry!My rabbit Leon loves sitting in the rain! As a prey animal, a rabbit will not often express their pain, as they see it as a sign of weakness to predators. I'm quite new to outdoor rabbits, well, to rabbits in general really, I thought they'd appreciate being able to be outside without being wet? And what should I do if my rabbit gets wet?Just like everyone does, I googled it. They seem to be loving it, my only concern is they seem to love sitting in the rain and getting drenched to the skin? Since rabbits do not typically show pain, it is important to look for these physical signs.

However, rabbits are certainly not big fans of strong wind. We have a small front yard where cars go by quite often about 20 ft from where this rabbit has taken up residence. But most owners will recommend making sure that they avoid extreme weather. Still, do you know why bunnies might like to do their business in strange ways? But so long as our rabbits have the choice of staying warm and dry (and so long as they’re healthy), we don’t need to worry if our rabbits choose to spend some time playing in the rain.Want to keep your bunnies warm when it gets colder? But remember that a comfortable temperature for rabbits is lower than that for humans – they are designed for colder weather. However, I think I found a consensus that most owners would agree with. So I would clean them up now, without getting them fully wet, and hopefully you won't need to do it again.^ thank you! What would you do in the same situation if it was the chickens?My new addition is currently wandering around outside of his hutch in the pouring rain, we have towel dried him off once. We’re learning as we go and passing on information, tips, reviews and more.New Rabbit Owner is a participant in Amazon affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk. This is especially true of rabbits' tendency to eat their first poo of the morning. Maarryy. If you contact your vet, they should have access to an incinerator to burn the remains.

But then the weather turned nasty again. johnso. Login to reply the answers. This is a build-up of gas in the rabbit’s stomach, often caused by eating the wrong foods. I moved Thumper & Princess' hutches out into the garden because the weather had warmed up. 'He started using the floor, even though he'd been happy to use his litter tray before then,' she says.

If you notice a change in your bunnies' usual routine, speak to your vet about ruling out the possible causes.Stelle Jenner, who owns French Lop Lilo, says she'd advise all owners to contact their vet as soon as possible if they suspect something might be amiss. We use a microwaveable heatpad by Snugglesafe, As you care about your bunny’s health, you might also want to read our article on And you can find out why timothy hay is so good for rabbits in We’re the besotted owners of Fish and Chips, two gorgeous mini lop bunnies. Should we let our rabbits play in the rain? They have plenty of places, including their eglu and run to hide under when the skies start falling, but they will stay out in the rain for as long as they can! 5 Answers. People had different views from each other, and seemed to have different experiences. This is necessary as rabbits' digestive systems work in a strange way: bacteria in their guts break down partly digested poo and produce nutrient-rich caecotroph, which rabbits eat as it contains important vitamins that they can't get any other way. 'Kisa has always preferred to wee on soft places, although he's fine to use his litter tray for number twos,' Kate says. I put in a little square baking tray and put a bit of sawdust in it. New Rabbit Owner also participates in affiliate programs with other sites, including Pets At Home. If your rabbit is feeling irked about something, whether it's your stroking his back for a little longer than he wants or the presence of your rather hyper dog right outside of his cage, he may make it known by thumping his feet.

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