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By Matt Webb Mitovich / October 1 2015, 12:38 PM PDT Courtesy of USA Network . To me theres no point In watching them now. I found it on Netflix an fell in love! Graceland isIt was a FANTASTIC show – MANY people were very disappointed that it was cancelled.No infringement of previously copyrighted material is intended on this site. Graceland Canceled Days After Season 3 Finale. Graceland Season 3 premiered June 25, 2015.From White Collar creator Jeff Eastin, Graceland follows a diverse group of undercover agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Customs whose worlds collide while forced to live together under the same roof of a seized beachfront mansion in Southern California called “Graceland.” Summer of 2016 in late July-early Aug came around, I was so siked.

I’ll be honest with you, I have not the first idea where Jeff will pick up Season 4 if we’re blessed to get one.”The series came from Jeff Eastin. 73 Share This … Easily a 5 star show, and it could only get better!!!

:( I hate that there's no closure. I’m heart broken for Charlie because I can relate, I’m sad for Jonny and Paige and worried about Mike and Dale.

I just finished season 3 today. USA Network's Graceland Cancelled After Three Seasons.

Graceland is an American drama television series created by Jeff Eastin, that premiered on the USA Network on June 6, 2013. On October 1, 2015, USA Network canceled Graceland after three seasons. The USA Network decided to look into the overall picture and saw that the figures were not as promising as it thought all along, thus making the tough decision on letting the axe fall on the TV series.For a while, “Graceland” actually has enough creative juice flowing through it to keep the network happy. USA has cancelled the series. Fox 21 owns “Graceland.”Apparently, the network did not see any justification for keeping “Graceland” on air because they do not even own it. I don’t watch anything they air anymore….they cancel every series. He was the man behind As Ginger mentioned this show is still being discovered. We trust in youFrom 2013 – 2015, Graceland was the only TV show I looked forward to watch each summer. I knew I had missed the first few episodes of the new season, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the search results of Graceland Season 4 Episode 1 I need my Graceland I need to know what happens nextUSA canceling Graceland was the final straw for me. Hope another network picks up Graceland.Bring it back its my favorite show now damn it don’t get rid of it like that and don’t be so damn stubborn about who owns it that’s shows what I call damn good television! I need to see what happens to Briggs! It is not yet known if another network will pick up the series.“That’s something that not only Briggs didn’t see coming but as we’ve now seen that season ends in the resonance of Jakes’ sudden departure. The network absolutely sucks for leaving the viewers so out to dry for not airing season 4Please bring back season 4!!!! USA Network has pulled the plug on “Graceland,” Variety has learned. Manny Montana and Aaron Tveit on "Graceland" It's a sad day for Graceland fans. That gave fans and producers of the TV series the likely hope that Season 4 was on the horizon.According to a source from the USA Network, “Graceland” was a great show in terms of creativity. !Love this show, hope another network will pick it up.Why does this keep happening to the good TV series.Why does this keep happening every time a good TV series comes on. I know I’ll be let down.USA sucks for canceling this show! Hopefully there’s a Season 4 so we can figure out what happens. Created by Jeff Eastin, th… To tell you the truth, the whole cast just has our fingers crossed that there will be a Season 4. I love this show and want to watch more!!!! !My favorite character on Graceland is Johnny and I want to see season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 etc.Why are they always cancelling goid shows…Bring back #Graceland #Netflix. It would be interesting to find out if “Graceland” would be able to join the roster of such TV series.Hopefully Netflix will pick the series up and it can become an even more gritty series.I love this show and just finished watched the 3rd season on Netflix.I just finished watching season 3 on Netflix I am not happy that it got canceled like that.Netflix really needs to pick this up! The news came straight from the executive producer, Larry Teng, on his Twitter account Thursday morning. With this show’s cancellation, his relationship with USA has come to an end. It had a successful run for three seasons but the ratings did not justify bringing it back from a financial perspective.Days after its Season 3 finale, hopes were actually high that “Graceland” will be renewed for Season 4 and it seems that showrunner Jeff Eastin was also quite confident of a renewal which is the reason why he left a huge cliffhanger at the close of Season 3.Unfortunately, those hopes proved to be false as the USA Network decided the fate of the show based on its commercial value.

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