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Without the resident G.O.A.T. The Dubs would feature "only" 1.16 All-Stars per season. How it happened:This Bobcats team is definitively THE worst, with the lowest win percentage (.119) in NBA history. For nearly 40 years the doubtful "honor" of being at the top of this list was for the 1973 Philadelphia 76ers with a .110 winning percentage and only 9 wins in 82 games. The NBA is full of beloved teams, but historically some of the most iconic teams, like the Lakers, have been under-performing on the court.A bulk of the most valuable franchises in the National Basketball Association (NBA) haven't been performing according to their valuations. Seriously, think about any Pacers team in the last 40 years that moved the national needle. One is this team was originally supposed to be in Vancouver and help unite Canada to NBA fandom. That much sustained success helps make up for the futility of Washington basketball throughout the '90s and lengthy portions of the current millennium. Their roster has been lacking in focus and effort. Today, they are the two worst teams in the league.Cephas tells stories that resonate with our 'contagious' passion (sports, pop culture, food & travels just to name a few). The Houston Rockets are the most balanced of any upper-tier franchise (excluding the top two finishers, who just ran away from the field in this competition). The Kings have suffered through far too many playoff droughts, including a current one that dates back to 2006-07, for them to move out of the bottom third in these rankings. The last four years have been so tough for the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase because this is entirely uncharted territory.

Though other great players such as Carlos Boozer, Adrian Dantley, Rudy Gobert, Andrei Kirilenko, Pete Maravich and Together, Stockton and Malone earned 438 win shares for the Jazz. That drops the Cavs behind the two teams preceding them in this countdown, and that's saying nothing of the simple fact that all four Finals bids have come under James' supervision. This offseason's Paul Millsap signing is an instructive one, because the acquisition of an All-Star big man in his 30s was viewed as a game-changing deal—one of the best gets in this franchise's history. Eleven different times, Detroit—or Fort Wayne in the early years—has produced three All-Stars in the same campaign. 16 finisher. For example, at For the purposes of this list, NBL statistics are not included, as unlike with BAA statistics prior to the BAA-NBL merger, the NBA has not included NBL statistics when recapping their history.The New Orleans Pelicans began play as the New Orleans Hornets in the This team's history and records are not affiliated with the current day This team's history and records are not affiliated with the current day Since then, Philadelphia has largely continued to experience success.

Kevin Johnson was even better in the early '90s, and we can't just overlook Larry Nance or Charles Barkley during their relatively brief tenures. Either way, the Pistons are one of just eight teams with at least three championships. They've only been around for 29 seasons, which prevents them from rising nearly as high in a cumulative analysis.

They were manned by And that’s the thing about Toronto. The Cavs and the Golden State Warriors were competing against each other in the finals less than two years ago. Of the NBA's 30 franchises, a dozen have never experienced the unabashed joy that comes with holding up the Larry O'Brien Trophy (or a similar trophy from an earlier era). Their inconsistency gets you to think missing the playoffs could be a blessing in disguise (better off with the picks than getting obliterated by the Milwaukee Bucks). None has won more titles than the Celtics' 17, for that matter. That doesn’t make them bad franchises, even if management has made a few boneheaded moves lately.

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