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So, do yourself a favor and get to this one as soon as possible. As we approached our stop, Sly pushed the stop button and we got up to exit the bus. Yeongsil Trail by Bus Overall, our hike at Mount Hallasan was one of our most memorable of all our hikes in Korea (even moreso than hiking at Hey there! But after having read about its intensity and how it often takes 8-10 hours, we decided to hit the Yeongsil Trail instead which was a much more approachable 4-5 hour hike. It is covered with azaleas and royal azaleas in spring and vibrant autumn foliage starting in October. Very shortly thereafter the treeline returned to green, and then the larger trees disappeared almost completely at the higher elevations.As such, you may find that the colors here only appear in a very narrow band depending on what elevation is at peak at any given time.For those who hike the Yeongsil Trail, it is worth noting that it is a fairly consistent hike up. A taxi from either Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal or Seogwipo area will cost around KRW 20,000 and take 30 minutes. You do not want to start your hikes late in Korea!In most hiking guides we do not include a section about parking (often its quite easy), but for the Yeongsil Trail we think it is important enough to call out in greater detail.The parking area is clearly found on the Kakao Map app (note Google Maps doesn't work in Korea for drivers) and is located off of the 1139 a few kilometers up the mountain. I'm Jeremy, a full-time travel blogger living in Pittsburgh that escaped the 9-5 grind to live a life of travel.I've been sharing travel, blogging, and lifestyle advice on Living the Dream (along with my wife, Angie) for over Since founding Living the Dream I have visited 74 countries on five continents, spoken at several conferences, and Angie and I were named one of Are you looking to promote your business or destination? By the time we left the pay station was limiting the number of cars going into the park as all of the parking spaces were full. You won't regret that decision. Description Yoengsil Trail is the southwestern trail on Hallasan, as well as the shortest (about five miles). I'm Jeremy, a full-time travel blogger living in Pittsburgh that escaped the 9-5 grind to live a life of travel.I've been sharing travel, blogging, and lifestyle advice on Living the Dream (along with my wife, Angie) for Since founding Living the Dream I have visited 73 countries on five continents, spoken at several conferences, and Angie and I were named one of © 2020 World of Discovery Media LLC. * Yeongsil Trail (Southwest) As the shortest trail in Hallasan, this trail boasts Yeongsilgiam (a spectacular cliff with series of unusual rock formations). So while you can't technically summit Mount Hallasan on this trail, getting close coupled with these epic views more than makes up for it.As the day went on more clouds rolled in, and we also enjoyed a great vantage point For visitors to Jeju during peak fall colors (often around the last few days of October or the first few days of November), Mount Hallasan National Park is a great place to chase the leaves as the lower section of the Yeongsil Trail is full of many vibrant colors to enjoy.We arrived at the park at what was projected to be peak, and found that the most vibrant colors were at the lower section of the trail (and more on the drive leading up to it, if we are to be honest). But we did see the signs that are put off to note trail closures for arriving too late in the day, so it is something worth considering all the same.
(The trail also continues on in a different direction from the shelter and also past the junction, but we're going to focus on this stretch in this guide as it is what we hiked.

Join our community of 65,000+ on social media to never miss an update!Hey there! - See 952 traveler reviews, 1,594 candid photos, and great deals for Seogwipo, South Korea, at Tripadvisor. Hiking Hallasan in Autumn (Yeongsil Trail) The extensive walks and exploration trails we set on, during the course of our Jeju trip, were in preparation for our Hallasan hike. As such, visiting with a car is recommended as you can drive up all the way to the trailhead- if you get in early at least.We say this with the last caveat because there are two parking areas at this section of the mountain, and a long, winding road that connects the two that is often used for overflow parking as well. The bus drops visitors off towards the start of this road and would be a fairly long walk in just to start the hike. By the end, our legs were quite jelly and the massive influx of hikers in the first section of the trail made navigating at times a bit challenging.So the biggest considerations at this one are the elevation changes and volumes of people over trail conditions at large, which is most certainly more noticeable on your return trip than the initial ascent (if you arrive early for the crowd aspect, at least).It is also worth noting that many parks in South Korea are quite safety-focused and have strict limits in place on when hikers can go out onto the trails.

This mountain is actually a shield volcano and is the tallest mountain in South Korea (at just under 7,000 feet), and the national park covers just about 8% of the island itself- truly making for a great space to get out and enjoy nature!One of the most popular hikes on Mount Hallason is summiting the peak itself. I fell asleep during most of the ride and woke up to Sly tapping me on my shoulder to indicate we were a few stops away from our destination: Yeongsil Trail. The lower parking area is where you pay to enter (a few thousand won) and the higher parking area is right next to the trailhead. You will have a nearly 2,000 feet elevation gain in the span of five miles, with a good chunk of that occurring in the first section.The maps for the trail (which are posted every half kilometer or so) break up the hike into multiple sections, including a roughly one-mile hike from the entrance to just beyond Byeongpungbawi Rock, a mile and a half section to the Witseoreum Shelter, and a mile and a half section to Nambyeok Junction. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Cons: Doesn’t take you to the summit of Mt Hallasan. This a toll on us quite considerably as we definitely felt the 2 1/2 hours up in our 2-hour hike down.

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