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“Everybody does a lot of work.”People begin asking in June when the cantaloupe will be ready.Mandujano’s wife, Veronica, 42, responds to customers from all over the country begging her to send them some.What they pick is shipped across Texas, or sold in their bustling market.Critical to the operation are about 100 immigrants who come each year on temporary work visas from Mexico.

The melon’s dense flesh glistened with juice, its color a deep orange.Many Texans swear these cantaloupes are the best anyone can find. “And the cantaloupe is one of them.” Shared from the 8/6/2019 San Antonio Express eEdition "In summertime you eat a lot of it," she said. Pecos Barstow Toyahs ISD's Official Facebook page. Pecos, But they stopped cultivating their trademarked PecoSweet cantaloupes.High natural gas prices made it expensive to get water to irrigate. The three boys and eight other siblings helped.Holidays as kids meant work days, said Mandujano’s sister, Rafaela Diaz, 50. It is named for George R. Reeves, a Texas state legislator and colonel in the Confederate Army.It is one of the nine counties that comprise the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. They have stopped cultivating their trademarked PecoSweet cantaloupes.“It’s all about oil and gas right now,” said Taylor, 46, wearing a cowboy hat. Le Texas est un État du Sud des États-Unis, le plus vaste du pays après l'Alaska (696 241 km 2) et le deuxième plus peuplé après la Californie avec 23,9 millions d'habitants. "Toni Kingston lives on the empty land that Thompson believed once belonged to Todd, the father of the cantaloupe. Receive an email notification when changes occur for Clay Taylor.Create a free account to access additional details for Clay Taylor and other profiles that you visit "He added: "Things change. Sa capitale est Austin mais Houston est l'agglomération la plus peuplée. Approx. La moitié de la population, environ, vit dans les agglomérations de Dallas-Fort Worth ou Houston. 4 There are two properties listed on the National Register in the county. That fell to 1,300 acres in 2017.Around Pecos, harvested acreage of cantaloupe plummeted from more than 2,000 in 1969 to roughly a tenth of that amount in 2017. A business flourished — as did the area’s reputation.Helen Keller, Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Baines Johnson were counted among the Pecos cantaloupe’s fans.Other farmers built on its influence. BAD GOOD. “It’s making a lot of people a lot of money. Twitter @pbtisd Instagram @pbtisd The most recent, obvious culprit is oil.Pecos, a city of roughly 10,000 on the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, feels like a middle-of-nowhere boomtown. )A listeria outbreak that raised nationwide food safety concerns and competition from other states contributed to the Texas melon farmers’ difficulty, said Dante Galeazzi, president of the Texas International Produce Association.An “overly burdensome” process for legally bringing workers from other countries also created problems for small farmers, he said. The melon's dense flesh glistened with juice, its color a deep orange.A number of factors explain this decline. Clay Taylor and his father grow cotton and alfalfa around Pecos. They eventually sold the land, keeping the mineral rights, grandson Ray Mack Thompson said.Today, gas wells sit on what he believes is the former Todd land.Dorinda Millan, 58, director and curator of the West of the Pecos Museum, recalls consuming so much cantaloupe as a kid she could tell which region it came from, as if it were wine.The local chamber still hosts a Little Miss Cantaloupe pageant, and the Lions Club still has its cantaloupe breakfast, which once included people tossing the melons at targets from planes.But the cantaloupe festival and cantaloupe cooking contest are things of the past. The Clay R Taylor farm in Pecos and government payments to Clay R Taylor as listed in the Directory of American Farmers and Federal Farm Payments. The filing status is listed as In Existence. A business flourished -- as did the area's reputation.Helen Keller, Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Baines Johnson were counted among the Pecos cantaloupe's fans.Other farmers built on its influence. They pick, pack and label the cantaloupes with stickers that say “Pecos Fresh.”On a morning in July, as the sun rose, 17 men harvested a cantaloupe field below a cotton-candy-colored sky.They crossed the green plot slowly, side by side, bending to grasp the golden, ripe melons and place them on a rumbling conveyor belt.Another machine in the packing warehouse brushes off the dirt and sorts them by size. On a recent day, every spare inch of his store was packed with beer, which sells quickly, as do the homemade breakfast burritos. "But it got harder to hire workers and pricier to irrigate. Oil and gas equipment stands on hot, dusty former cropland. But they stopped cultivating their trademarked PecoSweet cantaloupes. Le comté de Taylor, en anglais : Taylor County, est un comté situé au centre de l'État du Texas aux États-Unis.Fondé le 1 er février 1858, son siège de comté est la ville d'Abilene.Selon le recensement des États-Unis de 2010, sa population est de 131 506 habitants.Le comté a une superficie de 2 380,9 km 2, dont 2 371,2 km 2 en surfaces terrestres. "Oil and gas production boomed in the region, cutting into farming acreage.Some West Texas farmers found they could make more selling water than growing cotton, said Jeff Floyd, of the Midland and Ector County extension offices. People see unfamiliar faces in Walmart.

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