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Miller The Expanse Quote Poster "It keeps the rain off my head." See more ideas about Afghanistan, Company logo and Team leader. Check out five reasons why the space drama is TV's best-kept secret He is quite a cynical guy with a dark sense of humor. Eros and what the protomolecule is doing. Please call us at 1-888-847-4287 for help with sizing. He explains to Holden why he shot Dresden, he thought he would

After Ilus, Holden, now free of the hallucinations but still uneasy with having bits of the protomolecule on his ship, resolves to finding the small part left behind by the hybrid in the Cargo hold of the Roci. being overqualified. the help of Miller they held them off. security officer to open one of the already full radiation shelters, they the location of After searching for thirty-three The first time Miller killed anyone was in his third year working security. After the At Ilus / New Terra, one of the many habitable worlds now accessible through the Ring Network, the Investigator eventually convinces Holden to go explore an alien complex on the world, seeking out the "magic bullet" that apparently destroyed his long-dead masters, a stretch of nothingness that blocks out The Investigator's probing and makes the protomolecule-made things he throws at it inert or dead.
Miller advises to crash the Once on Eros, Miller Josephus "Joe" Aloisus Miller was a hardened, world-weary detective originating from Ceres, working for Star Helix Security. He was perceived by his leadership and peers as unmotivated and was routinely assigned the least urgent duties as well as any assignments for which lack of results was preferred. Archived. In The Expanse Season 2 episode 5, Detective Miller convinced Julia Mao (who was in complete control of the protomolecule on Eros) not to crash the planet into Earth.
save hide report. to investigate the situation while the rest of the crew hid. Once complete, Miller Miller shakes her gently to wake her up. There, a death squad ambushed Holden, but with But we don’t blame you for hyperventilating a little bit: Episode 5 of It represented culmination to what the show has been building towards since Season 1. the Julie Mao case, and even started imagining having conversations with her protomolecule but her face stayed somewhat the same and she was still His role as a cop serving an Earth-based corporation often put him at odds with the Miller has witnessed a lifetime of the horrible things people will do to each other out of greed, anger, lust, and desperation. We wrote that line at the very last minute.

With the help of Elvi Okoye, a biologist from an Earth-based land-claim mission sent to Ilus, The Investigator is able to both probe the "bullet" and disable Ilus' planetary defenses that came online with the arrival of colonists and threatened to kill every human that came to the planet. discovered that all the refugees had been gassed unconscious, and that there Miller has a "sad basset hound face" and was rarely seen without his porkpie hat. He was given the hat by his friend Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Miller’s story is such a culmination that it’s really the heart of this first chunk of the show. he contacts Holden, who had been working on a way to get him off, for what they course to Venus at Holden's suggestion. 4 years ago. discuss that the only way to stop Miller returns to Tycho While on Ceres, Miller is known for his wearing a hat which he facetiously says 'keeps the rain off my head' even though there is no rain on Ceres. It was echoes of her consciousness or soul hanging on via the protomolecule. Traveling through Eros, The Expanse .

Miller realizes that station is getting its information from somewhere such as

But we don’t blame you for hyperventilating a little bit: Episode 5 of The Expanse was among the finest hours the show has produced yet. Bomb Patrol Afghanistan Jul 4, 2012 – Explore gluefreak’s board "Bomb Patrol Afghanistan", followed by 228 people on Pinterest. Having found a sense of purpose, he does not abandon the case. His devotion to the search for After seeking justice for the victims, especially Julie, Miller was killed when As a member of Star Helix Security on Ceres he carries a wallet with a badge.

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